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Mineral Hygenics Starter Kit: Review

Monday, August 10, 2009 22:04 2 Comments

Mineral Hygenics

Mineral Hygienics is one of the “natural” mineral makeup lines that I have been waiting to try. I finally caved and bought the starter kit which by the way is such a great way to test a product out and I wish more lines had starter kits at great prices.

The fact that the line is natural concerned me because a lot of companies state that their products are natural but when you look at the ingredients and see what is in them you are astounded by how many of them you don’t even know. I had heard that Mineral Hygienics has four ingredients in the foundation Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, and may contain Mica all of which I have heard of many times.

The texture is fine but provides a smooth matte finish which is great for us oil slicks. I didn’t get oily by the end of the day and I sure didn’t think I needed a touch up. I have to say that I am pretty impressed with this line but I can’t say it is my favorite partly because I have yet to find a favorite mineral makeup line.

I do love natural makeup and if I wasn’t so selective with my products I would stick to this line but I am constantly trying new things.

So for $25.99 plus shipping & handling you get the Mini Starter Kit which includes two shades of the Foundation, a full coverage Kabuki brush which I was wasn’t thrilled about but I have several others, and a how to kit.

If you already know that Mineral Hygenics works for you, you can go with the regular kit which is $59.99 plus shipping & handling, and offers more bang for your buck.

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