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AfterGlow Cosmetics: Review

Monday, July 13, 2009 14:36 No Comments

AfterGlow Cosmetics

My search for the best mineral makeup line continues as I try new things only for a month or two and then decide that I really wasn’t satisfied with what I was using. Will I ever be satisfied or am I just on a quest to find the best of the best in all areas of my life?

Despite having this mineral makeup blog I actually do use a ton of other makeup (eyeshadow, lipgloss, lipstick, etc.) from lots of other lines so maybe one day I will venture out and start reviewing other items but for now my search continues with mineral makeup.

I decided to try Afterglow Mineral makeup line which claims that they use organic botanicals and none of the synthetics that other lines use including but not limited to paraben preservatives, bismuth oxychloride, synthetic dyes, talc, gluten, petrochemicals, cornstarch, carmine, mineral oil, etc. etc. etc.

I failed to tell you that I have been searching for an all organic line of mineral makeup and so far have only found this one but I have feeling there are more to come. So not only is Afterglow Mineral Cosmetics natural and organic but they never test on animals and the line is 100% vegan.

I normally wear Medium in all mineral makeup lines but this line actually has different names for each color so I decided to try Tan since it is summer and I am slightly tanner than usual. The coverage was fairly light so if you are looking to cover up freckles, sun spots, broken capillaries, etc. this may not be for you. When I used it my sun spots were still pretty noticeable and I would have liked better coverage but it would be great if you are just looking for light coverage on the weekend to the beach or the pool.

The brushes were nice as they are NOT made of any animal hair which makes me feel better about using them. Overall my rating of Afterglow Mineral Cosmetics is a 3 1/2 and the only reason why is because of the coverage.

My ideal mineral foundation should cover up my sun spots and be natural! They also have a starter kit which as you may or may not know is always a favorite of mine since I am bit committment phobic.

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