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Simply Karen Mineral Makeup: Review

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 12:03 No Comments
Simply Karen Mineral Makeup

Simply Karen Mineral Makeup

Simply Karen is definitely one makeup line that has been under the radar and hasn’t had much attention in the media.  I for one only heard about it through a friend who is always trying new things and finds buried treasures at least that is what I call it.  After hearing from her how it works I decided to try it and not listen to what she was saying about it but come up with my own thoughts.

I used their brushes to apply the makeup and I found the brushes to be a little harsh on my skin so I immediately switched to my own brushes from other collections that I just love.  Once I got that little caveat out of the way things started to go smoothly I applied the makeup and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was easy to apply and the coverage was good…notice I didn’t say great.

Well the coverage  was good for my skin which has some sun spots and a little larger than normal pores.  If you are looking for heavier coverage this may not work for you but personally I sometimes like light coverage just so I don’t feel cakey.

The other great thing about Simply Karen mineral makeup is that there is no Bismuth as with Bare Minerals and it also has an SPF of 15 which is always good even if you are wearing sunscreen.

Now I do have to tell you one more thing my friend mentioned that it settled in her fine lines and I am not really sure why because that didn’t happen to me so I have decided to let you decide whether you want to try it or not.

Oh, and one more thing which is quite important and I can’t believe I didn’t mention earlier in my review it’s all natural!  That really makes it worthwhile for myself because these days you just don’t know what is in your cosmetics!

They have an “Allure Collection” that sells for $59.98 as of this post. I’ve noticed that they’ve changed the price on this a couple of times, so make sure you check the link below to see if the price is still the same.

Simply Karen Allure Collection Kit Includes:

  • (2) Shades of Mineral Foundation – two options to match of your skin tone and allows for custom blending.
  • (1) Mineral Finishing Veil – creates the perfect, flawless finish to your makeup.
  • (1) Mineral Blush – offers a subtle hint of color, for a natural glow long-lasting, soft color blends easily for quick application.
  • (1) Your choice of Mineral Eye Shadow or Bronzer – create an elegant or natural look, can be used with a wet brush as an eye liner or select the bronzer perfect for highlighting and creating a natural sunkissed look.
  • (1) Multipurpose Powder Brush (value $22) – apply your mineral foundation, finishing veil, or blush.
  • (1) Perfect Coverage Concealer Brush (value $20) – great for concealing under eye circles and blemishes.
  • (1) Dual End Eye Shadow & Blender Brush (value $16) – applies mineral eye shadow to the entire lid with ease.
  • FREE Makeup Bag – classy, red-microfiber cosmetic/handbag, fully lined in black fabric.

Bonus Items:

  • Free Foundation Buffer Brush (value $23).
  • Free Exchanges.
  • Tips & Tricks Application Instructions.
  • No Clubs to Join – The site says that you will not be enrolled in an automatic shipment program.

Click here to purchase the kit now…

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